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Marilyn Manson Inspired 002 by jenneilicious Marilyn Manson Inspired 002 :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 0 3 Marilyn Manson Inspired 001 by jenneilicious Marilyn Manson Inspired 001 :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 0 0 Lip Hole by jenneilicious Lip Hole :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 0 2 Hulk Hair by jenneilicious Hulk Hair :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 0 0 Leather and Hulk Hair by jenneilicious Leather and Hulk Hair :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 1 0 Kandi Star Earrings Pair 4 by jenneilicious Kandi Star Earrings Pair 4 :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 1 0 Kandi Star Earrings Pair 3 by jenneilicious Kandi Star Earrings Pair 3 :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 0 0 Kandi Star Earrings - Pair 2 by jenneilicious Kandi Star Earrings - Pair 2 :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 0 0 Kandi Star Earrings, Pair 1 by jenneilicious Kandi Star Earrings, Pair 1 :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 0 0 DESTROYA Kandi Bracelet by jenneilicious DESTROYA Kandi Bracelet :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 0 0 Green Day Kandi Bracelet by jenneilicious Green Day Kandi Bracelet :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 2 1 My Chemical Romance Kandi Bracelet by jenneilicious My Chemical Romance Kandi Bracelet :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 3 1 OOAK White Skull Earrings (Perler Beads) by jenneilicious OOAK White Skull Earrings (Perler Beads) :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 2 0 Oh Love by jenneilicious Oh Love :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 21 5 Not Much a Poet... by jenneilicious Not Much a Poet... :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 17 3 Kill My Enemies by jenneilicious Kill My Enemies :iconjenneilicious:jenneilicious 10 0


208/365 by KarBearArt 208/365 :iconkarbearart:KarBearArt 3 0 Character Motivation Sheet by AnikaandAj Character Motivation Sheet :iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 671 15
100 Art and Writing Prompts
1. Nonsense
2. A fork in the road
3. Hugs
4. Denial
5. Ninja turtles
6. A chance meeting
7. Scream
8. Laugh
9. Rain the size of walnuts
10. Stupid faces
11. An old relationship
12. Your mood
13. Habit
14. An inside joke
15. Zombies
16. Satire
17. Blood
18. Dolls
19. If I had a superpower…
20. Childhood dreams
21. A betrayal
22. Self-insertion fan character
23. Mary-Sue
24. The death of Mary-Sue
25. Books
26. Procrastination
27. Balloons
28. Holding hands
29. Waving goodbye
30. I'll never forget the time…
31. First kiss
32. Shock and awe
33. Take your favorite character and put them in drag
34. Cell phone
35. Sibling(s)
36. Cheesy romance novel cover
37. Monster
38. Deceit
39. The worst lie ever told
40. Paint
41. Purple
42. Disobedience
43. Photograph
44. Gossip
45. Gary-Stu
46. Gary-Stu and Mary-Sue go on a date
47. The high school bully
48. Water
49. Nightmare
50. Chicken costume
51. Create an OC by combining the personality traits of three of your friends
52. Illusion
:icondaniisazombie:DaniIsAZombie 396 25
100 Writing Prompts
100 Writing Prompts
1.  It's like a riddle, you see.
2.  Rain was falling in the street.
3.  They say a monster lives in those hills.
4.  I tried opening it, but it's like it was locked.
5.  The sky was so heavy I could almost touch it.
6.  Why did he bring me here?
7.  I keep having the same dream.
8.  I always knew this would come back to haunt me.
9.  How did the windows get so dirty?
10.  I don't think they've mowed their lawn in weeks.
11.  That's what happens when two people like that meet.
12.  He really had to borrow a cup of sugar.
13.  The water stopped flowing from the tap.
14.  That old tree finally fell last night.
15.  Maybe tomorrow he'll come.
16.  I can't believe it's Saturday!
17.  Did I ever tell you about the footprints?
18.  You told me to look for the red teacup, but it's not ther
:icontehuti:tehuti 311 18
The Procrastinator: A Day In The Life

The Procrastinator A Day In The Life
:iconDeevElliott: DeevElliott
:iconadbravo: adbravo
Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before a deadline.
I wrote the title for this piece three weeks ago.
So, it’s Friday night. Work week over. Tomorrow I get to write my own
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 3,844 458
Fishing for INSPIRATION?
Fishing for INSPIRATION?
Your imagination is a pond that you fish your ideas from. Like any fishing pond, what you catch depends on what you've stocked your pond with and how much you put in there. If you fish for only the occasional idea, your little ideas have time to breed creatively until they overflow the pond, leaping right out into your hand -- and onto your keyboard. If you fish a lot, you will have to restock -- Frequently.
A Dry Pond = Writer's Block
What's in YOUR Imagination?
What do you KNOW?
What do you love to Do, to Study, to Think About, to Talk About...? Make a list of all the things you know well and all the things you've done -- seriously! Mythology, history, any retail jobs you might have had -- anything you might have seen, done, or studied.
WHO do you KNOW?
Have you ever met...?
• A real Criminal?
• A real Hero?
• A real Romantic?
• A
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 486 74
Writing Emotions VISUALLY
Writing Emotions VISUALLY
"What is ...VISUAL writing?"
-- Visual writing is when the reader can SEE your story unfolding in their imaginations just like a movie.
    * Non-visual: It was a dreary day.
    * Visual: Icy rain slithered down the window glass from an iron gray sky.
This is more commonly known as SHOWING vs. TELLING.
    * Telling: It was a dreary day.
    * Showing: Icy rain slithered down the window glass from an iron gray sky.
"What's wrong with just...Telling them?"
-- The problem lays with Reader interpretation. Abstract (poetic) words and ideas rely on the readers' interpretation of what those words mean to them personally.
For example:
She was woefully depressed.
    * How does Big Bird act when he's woefully depressed?
    * How do Y
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 932 147
Tips to Creative Writing
1. Know what you're writing.
It's easy to get off track while you're writing. Thus it's always a good idea to know what you're writing. As soon as you have a good grasp on what your story is about, you'll find yourself writing quicker. This includes the main plot, a majority of the subplots, and where all the vital plot points are going to be.
2. Know what inspires you and stay around it.
Now this doesn't mean that you should go through an entire personal evaluation. It just means to keep track of where you get inspired and what caused the inspiration. For some, it could be listening to music of some sort, while for others, it could be watching families at the park. Whatever it is, try to be around it whenever you can.
3. Map out your story.
Now this is something that a lot of people take out of hand. When mapping out your story, you don't want to have everything in a certain slot. Things can't be one hundred percent organized. The story could change in a way that
:iconforbiddenhero:forbiddenhero 432 83
The Rictameter
A rictameter is an interesting, and visually beautiful type of poem. When centered, it looks much like a diamond. It is similar in idea to a haiku as far as the spirit of the poem, but seems to be an evolution of a cinquain.
To form a rictameter, you start with a line of two syllables, then consecutively increase each syllable number in the next lines by two, until you reach ten syllables in the fifth line. Then, you start decreasing by two syllables, until you reach the same two syllable line you started with.
The syllables would look something like this per line: 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2.
If you wish to experiment with a rictameter, there are a number of ways to do so, one of which, the simplest, is to not use the same 2 syllable word from line one in line nine. There are also "double rictameters" which is basically one poem, of two rictameters in a row, which again is very visually expressive. There is also the inverted rictameter, in which you start with a ten syllable line, go down to a
:iconversebyverse:versebyverse 2 0
Or, a insight into my writing style. Take your pick.
For this particular assignment, they are as follows:
Must be written in ballad form (8 syllables in lines 1 and 3, 6 in lines 2 and 4. Four lines per stanza, must have an end-stopped full rhyme on lines 2 and 4. Enjambment is optional)
Must focus on one of the three prompts (The selected prompt is shown below)
  Tell of an encounter in which you experience both pleasure and pain
Must include a reflection detailing the writing process
Now, this isn't meant to be your final draft. In fact, this is just supposed to be something you'd like to talk about. A chance to put down what you want to say, outside of the constraints of the assignment, or rules you set yourself. In other words, brainstorm.
I came up with this:

She found me when I was alone.
I stood in a cage of my own choosing with a monster of my own making.
And she let me out.
That a
:iconaethrios:Aethrios 2 0
Fibonacci Form
Fibonacci Form (not to be confused with “the Fib”)
This is my own creation inspired by Fibonacci’s sequence,
I think it’s ready. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on this.
This is all very idealistic, as I’m still working on perfecting this form in my own poetry.
You all have permission to use and post this.
#= number of lines in stanza
1 --The thought or realization wanting to be explored:
1 --this can be one sentence spanning two lines or two separate lines.
2 -- Should probably be couplets, but I personally try not to let the poem’s rhyme lead me.
   --The exposition, subject is expressed in these two lines.
3 --Your reaction to the exposition, an elaboration of the plot, subject.
5 -- Deeper elaboration of plot. Contemplation on exposition.
8 -- Revelation is made on 5th line of this stanza, turning point in thought.
5 -- Explanation of resolution, why it makes sense.
3 -- A reaction to the resolution, mirroring your reacti
:iconmeteoricindigo:MeteoricIndigo 2 4
3 tips for poetry
In no particular order:
1. Have a theme: A theme is a subject and an opinion. Have a theme in mind while writing. An example would be an apple: an apple isn't a theme. Your opinions towards an apple are a theme. Are they delicious? Gross? Do you find beauty or simplicity in it? That's what makes a poem a poem, at least in my opinion.
2. Say more in less: The more concise you can be with your words, the better. Tell me, which of these sentences is appealing:
a) "The leaf swiftly danced across the crackly bridge, in harmony with the shaking trees."
b) "The leaf fell across the bridge."
c) "The leaf danced across the bridge, harmonizing with the trees."
As I see it, c is the answer. It isn't bleak, but isn't purple. Purple is typically defined by...
3Adverb and adjective abuse: This is one I see all the time. The best type of word you can put in your poem is a verb. Verbs do things, and unless you want to go for a feeling of stillness, use them. Adverbs and adj
:iconpugsmith:pugsmith 2 6
Rose's Crash Course in Poetry
Poetry. It's not just something the cool cats recite in coffee houses while smooth jazz plays in the background. And it's certainly more than stuff your English teacher made you tear apart in school (and you found more than useless – who's ever gonna bring up Dickens or Shakespeare for dinner conversation?).
In my eyes, poetry is a wonderful way to express yourself in a fairly succinct manner. It is graceful, it is elegant, it is blunt, it is profound… If written effectively, poetry can scream. It can cry, or it can sing. To me, poetry is a way to create a compact ball of emotion.
I'm only going to give tips for general poetry in this guide, so if you wanted help writing that epic poem about the adventures your cat had in the backyard yesterday, this won't be entirely useless to you (I hope). Do skim it and see if it gives you a few ideas.
The medium of the written word is unique in that writing most definitely doesn't have one or ten or a hundred different ways to go about i
:iconchromaticrose:ChromaticRose 3 4
Creating 'The Other Color' by Nichrysalis Creating 'The Other Color' :iconnichrysalis:Nichrysalis 4 4 Poetry Lesson 1 by MinLeanneVerrill Poetry Lesson 1 :iconminleanneverrill:MinLeanneVerrill 3 0
Sotades invented palindromes in Greek-ruled Egypt, back in the 3rd century BC. In fact, palindromes were once known as "Sotadic verses." He was thrown into the sea (wrapped in lead) by King Ptolemy II, for insulting the king in one of his verses.
They were quite popular in the 1800's, but have not shared much popularity since around the 1930's.
Palindrome comes from the Greek words "palin" (again or back) and "dramein" (to run). So if you read that backwards, it translates loosely into "to run back."
The palindrome simply reads the same forwards and backwards, usually with a central focal point from where it begins to read backwards. There are several ways to write palindrome poems, three are presented here, along with examples.
1. It can be read backwards, with the same words, such as the example below.
Love/Hate Relationship
by Paula Brown
Mimics hate:
Passionate always, forging forward.
Unquiet rage screams
Tangled mercilessly;
:iconversebyverse:versebyverse 4 9



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